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Status of Permits and Registrations

Find pending applications and completed permits and registrations--everything from oil refineries to small water systems, from chemical complexes to dry cleaners, from landfills to sludge transporters.

Public Participation in Environmental Permitting
Describes the review process for certain types of permits, and how you can comment and participate in other ways.

Records Requests
How to place a request for records not available online.

Status of Applications

Status of Air Permits and Permit Applications
Find pending and completed air permits.

Status of Stormwater and Wastewater Applications and Specifications
Track the status of applications for general permits, applications for individual permits, and approval of wastewater system design plans and specifications.

Waste Management Permit Applications, Permits, Registrations, and Facilities
Find out about pending and recent waste applications.

Status of Water Supply Permits and Applications
Track the status of water supply permit applications and system plans and specifications that are under review.

Licenses and Registrations

Occupational Licenses and Registrations
Find licensing, training credits, and registration information for individuals and companies.

Registered Dry-Cleaning Facilities and Drop Stations
Find out whether a dry-cleaning facility or drop station is registered with the TCEQ. And, if they are registered, whether they have opted out of the Dry Cleaning Environmental Remediation Fund. Distributors can find out the solvent fees to collect from each registered facility.

PST Registrations
Find out whether a facility with petroleum storage tanks is registered with the TCEQ. Database also has technical information about registered PSTs.

Search the Commissioners' Integrated Database
Tracks status of all matters pending before the commissioners and executive director for approval.

Search for TCEQ Public Notices
Public notices mailed by the TCEQ Chief Clerk's Office.

Search the TCEQ Central Registry
Find basic information on facilities, organizations, and people we regulate. Search by permit/registration number, name/company, or facility/site.