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TCEQ team and friends clean Boca Chica Beach

Friday, Feb. 24, 2017 - Comm. Toby Baker makes good on promise
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TCEQ team and friends clean Boca Chica Beach

Comm. Baker welcomes the cleanup crew to Boca Chica Beach

At last year’s Valley Environmental Summit, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s Commissioner Toby Baker made a promise to attendees to return and spearhead a cleanup at Boca Chica Beach. On Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, he followed through on that promise.

In this effort he recruited a few friends. He was joined by members of the TCEQ Harlingen Regional office, Cameron County Comm. Sofia Benavides, Precinct 1, and her staff members.

The crew removed 3,100 pounds of debris including an unusual number of tennis shoes and sandals.

TCEQ Comm. Toby Baker is no stranger to the Texas Gulf Coast. As Gov. Abbott’s representative on the RESTORE Council, Baker meets with concerned citizens, elected officials and industry representative to discuss grant funding available for projects to enhance the Texas Gulf Coast.

“I have had many opportunities to talk about the Texas Gulf Coast but these cleanups give me a chance to do something tangible,” says Baker. “I’m glad I could persuade some of my friends and family members to join me.”