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Compliance with Eight-Hour Ozone Standard

In July 1997, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone. The EPA phased out and replaced the previous one-hour standard with an eight-hour standard to protect public health against longer exposure to this air pollutant. In March 2008, the EPA updated the eight-hour standard again. A community will meet the eight-hour standard when the three-year average of the annual fourth highest daily maximum eight-hour ozone concentration measured at each monitoring site is less than 71 parts per billion (ppb).

Highlighted rows show the monitor in each area that may ultimately be used to determine the area's compliance with the ozone standard. These highlighted monitors have measured an area's ozone concentrations over the past three years.

Below are the annual fourth highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentrations from data collected beginning January 1, 2016, to date. Data is updated each hour. Data is given for each area that has ozone monitors.

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YearReport Format
AreaMonitoring SitePOCFourth Highest AverageCurrent
as of
12:10 pm CDT
Dallas-Fort Worth
Corsicana Airport C1051160655359
Rockwall Heath C69161675761
Kaufman C71/A304/X071157625357
Dallas Executive Airport C402162635158
Parker County C76168655362
Granbury C73/C681163665360
Grapevine Fairway C70/A301/X182175735066
Dallas North No.2 C63/C679167775265
Pilot Point C1032175685164
Dallas Hinton St. C401/C60/AH161 369755165
Denton Airport South C56/A163/X157176735467
Ft. Worth Northwest C13/AH302 266735063
Midlothian OFW C52/A137160675259
Frisco C31/C6801737229 **58
Italy C1044/A323160665159
Cleburne Airport C77/C682172754764
Arlington Municipal Airport C61161715261
Keller C17270755165
Greenville C1006/A198158665058
Eagle Mountain Lake C75 167705263
Longview C19/A127/C644265625259
Tyler Airport Relocated C82163635359
Karnack C85/AFHP303159634957
El Paso-Juarez
Ivanhoe C414159635157
El Paso UTEP C12/A125/X151271745065
Socorro Hueco C49/F312164624757
Skyline Park C72166755465
Chamizal C41/AH126 165725463
Ascarate Park SE C37/A332/A172/X159166674659
Waco Mazanec C1037160694959
Temple Georgia C1045164725262
Killeen Skylark Field C1047166685563
Beaumont-Port Arthur
SETRPC 43 Jefferson Co Airport C643159645559
Nederland High School C1035 163655260
SETRPC 40 Sabine Pass C640/C1654167675563
Hamshire C64/C654169635361
West Orange C9/A141258615357
Port Arthur West C28/A128/A228164645260
Beaumont-Downtown C2/A112/C2002 260675460
Audubon C38162675160
Austin Northwest C3/A322264705262
Seabrook Friendship Park C45164675060
Houston Westhollow C410179715367
Hou.DeerPrk2 C35/235/1001/AFH139FP239162665360
Houston North Wayside C405162684759
Houston Monroe C406157594754
Conroe Relocated C78/A321171795568
Houston East C1/G316267705062
Channelview C15/AH115 361655058
Lake Jackson C1016 166655461
Baytown Garth C1017165735664
Park Place C416165725263
Houston Croquet C409267675061
Houston Aldine C8/AF108/X150 274745467
Houston Texas Avenue C411 (Deactivated Oct 24, 2016)170   
Houston Bayland Park C53/A146 178745368
Clinton C403/C304/AH113 365774863
Northwest Harris Co. C26/A110/X154267745264
Manvel Croix Park C84169775868
Lang C408269705163
Galveston 99th St. C1034/A320/X183174735567
Lynchburg Ferry C1015/A165 15946 *4951
San Antonio
Camp Bullis C58 169725465
Calaveras Lake C59162655661
San Antonio Northwest C23271735466
Corpus Christi-Victoria
Victoria C87164634858
Corpus Christi West C4262604555
Corpus Christi Tuloso C21161614656
Lower Rio Grande Valley
Brownsville C80/AGP1801525820 **43
Mission C43/AP143152555052
Harlingen Teege C1023155594954
Laredo Vidaurri C44/AFGP144/P244150534750
* The value shown for this site does not represent an entire year's worth of data (274 days of valid data).
** The value shown for this site does not represent a complete set of data for 2018 (60 days of valid data).

PLEASE NOTE:  This data has not been verified by the TCEQ and may change. This is the most current data, but it is not official until it has been certified by our technical staff. Data is collected from TCEQ ambient monitoring sites and may include data collected by other outside agencies. This data is updated hourly. All times shown are in local standard time unless otherwise indicated.

Following EPA reporting guidelines, negative values may be displayed in our hourly criteria air quality data, down to the negative of the EPA listed Method Detection Limit (MDL) for the particular instrument that made the measurements. The reported concentrations can be negative due to zero drift in the electronic instrument output, data logger channel, or calibration adjustments to the data. Prior to 1/1/2013, slightly negative values were automatically set to zero.