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Operating a Facility with PSTs: What You Should Know

Operating and reporting requirements for anyone who owns a petroleum storage tank in Texas.

Delinquent Fees and Penalties Will Affect Processing Your Application

The TCEQ defines delinquent accounts to include those entities or people** who owe at least $25 in delinquent penalties or fees. This threshold is the same amount used by us to place an entity on Warrant Hold with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Financial Assurance for Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Systems

Financial assurance requirements and contact information pertaining to petroleum underground storage tank systems.

Gasoline Vapor Recovery (Stages I and II)

Information on Stage I and II gasoline vapor recovery programs including equipment, testing, and operation requirements. Requirements vary by county as described here.

Registering and Self-Certifying Underground Storage Tanks

How to comply with state requirements to self-certify underground storage tanks that hold motor fuels. Links to relevant application forms.

Renewing a PST Delivery Certificate

How to renew the delivery certificate for underground storage tanks at your facility each year.